Masonry Services in Green Valley

So you’re interested in constructing your home from brick or stone. Or maybe you need repairs and are trying to find the best masonry contractors in Green Valley for the job.

At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC, we understand that choices when it comes to your home can be very tough. You want it to be just right—affordable, high-quality, and accomplished by professionals that you can trust.

Because of this, we do our best to make your decision simple. Every member of our team of established masonry workers are fully licensed, bonded, and educated in their field. In fact, they are learning more and more every day. With every new technological development, we’re eager to try it out.

Just give us a call whether you’re ready to schedule a service estimate or just have questions! We’re happy to help.

Veneer Masonry

The aesthetic option, veneer masonry is added on to a building built from other materials to give it the look of a masonry structure, at a slightly smaller price point.

 A great example of homeowners choosing veneer masonry would be Green Valley residents who want to freshen up the look of their home without investing too much. The A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC team can create a brick facade that will make your home look brand new without undergoing any major construction!

Think of veneer masonry as a facelift for your property, and A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC as the surgeons who perfect the look!

Solid Masonry

The pyramids were made from solid masonry. From the ground up we’ll work with bricks, stone, or concrete, to create walls that stand the test of time and provide superior insulation to other construction materials.

As residential masonry contractors, while we enjoy working with veneer masonry and can recommend it as an affordable aesthetic option, solid masonry is superior in every way.

The owners of masonry homes in Green Valley all benefit from well-insulated walls that don’t damage easily. Remember the story of the three little pigs? The brick home was last in line for a reason! Just take a look around Green Valley and you’ll see hundreds of stone, brick, and concrete structures—many of them hundreds of years old.

Masonry Repair

When it comes to stone, concrete, or brick repair, Green Valley can rely on the A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC team to help structures reach their full potential. There’s no arguing that a new stone or brick home is impressive. But, when it starts to get damaged over the years by the elements and time, it loses that look and become shabby.

Don’t allow that to happen to your home, hire your trusted local masonry contractors to make that masonry like-new! 

Get in Touch Today

Whether you’re just starting to plan a renovation or build, you’ll need to get in touch with contractors well ahead of time.  Especially if you’re looking for ground-up masonry construction, you’ll need to ensure you get the start date you want.

Give us a call today and we’ll meet you at your home or build-site to give you an accurate estimate for services—for free!

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