Masonry Construction in Tucson

At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC, serving Tucson’s residential masonry construction needs is our calling. Training and working in this industry for many years, we’ve established techniques that work to bring you high-quality work at competitive rates, always completed on time and to your satisfaction.

When it comes to home construction, chimneys and fireplaces, and hardscaping, our prices as well as our craftsmanship are hard to beat.

Masonry construction requires an eye for detail and artistry, as well as classic construction abilities. Relying on specialists is crucial to achieving the results that you want for your project. Invest in local masonry contractors who always go the extra mile and call A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC today.

Brick Masonry

Are bricklayers and brick masons the same? Not quite. While a bricklayer simply lays bricks, masonry contractors do this and much more. Bricklaying could be a hobby, but brick masonry is an artisan trade.

At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC we work with burnt clay bricks, sand lime bricks, and engineering bricks to create solid or veneer masonry work on the exteriors and interiors of Tucson homes.

Whether you’re looking to construct a stately brick home from the ground up, or put in a brick patio, you’re going to need to rely on qualified brick contractors to create long-lasting and beautiful brickwork.

Stone Masonry

One of the oldest trades in human history, at A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC we believe that having a respect for the past as well as a good understanding of the latest technology is what it takes to create impressive stone masonry.

When you want your home to stand amongst ancient monuments such as Stonehenge and the Parthenon as well as ancient cathedrals and cities, choose stone for your construction material.

On a smaller scale, flagstones give off a natural look to any patio or walkway. No matter the scope of your stone masonry goals, you’re going to have to sort through Tucson masonry companies to find the best fit for you. At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC our goal is to make this decision an easy one.

Concrete Masonry

With concrete as we know it today only coming along in 1824, this material is a little different from brick and stone. However, its diversity and constant evolution makes it just as exciting if not more. Residential masonry contractors who work with concrete are able to create unique and outstanding work in any color or pattern you can imagine.

What other countertop surface can you inlay with shells or stones? Only concrete. Want a marble or acid washed effect on your floor? Concrete it is. We dare you to try and get bored with the options concrete masonry offers!

We’ll Always Meet the Highest Standards

At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC we’ve been working with Tucson homeowners for years to create masonry construction that meets the highest standards—their own!

Not only do we not stop working until you’re satisfied, we also provide all of our valuable clients with competitive pricing and quick construction time without cutting any corners.

Our guarantees have created many lifelong partnerships with clients who keep coming back for additional construction and repairs completed by our team. Give us a call today to join our family!