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Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping Services

If you are looking for a team of professionals who can design, install, or repair your property’s hardscape features, look no further. A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC is the team with unmatched experience and all the right equipment. Over the years, we have installed countless retaining walls, flagstone patios, walkways, and other features for a fantastic price.

With us, you’ll get the results you want and a customer experience like no other—guaranteed. Request our unrivaled services by calling (520) 237-6762 today. We can’t wait to work with you.

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Elevate your outdoor space with the professional design-build of a custom outdoor kitchen. At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC, we are a team of landscape contractors who think outside the box. We develop and construct innovative, all-season, energy-efficient kitchens designed to keep you outdoors, longer.

Contact us at (520) 237-6762 today to book a design consultation.

Paver Installation

A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC is your one-stop shop for customized paver installation. Our impressive inventory of brick and stone pavers are affordable, durable, and pack a punch in aesthetic appeal. Improve your landscape with paver walkways, driveways, patios, and more.

Speak with one of our paver professionals at (520) 237-6762 today.

Patio Construction

Upgrade your yard with the addition of a hardwearing patio. A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC is a leading patio construction company that marries innovative design with versatile functionality. Our patios boast year-round weather resistance and stellar visual appeal.

Let’s get started—reach out to our contractors at (520) 237-6762.

Retaining Wall Construction

Safeguard your property against erosion while transforming the look of your landscape with retaining wall construction from A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC. Our professional team of landscape construction experts can install a variety of retaining wall shapes and styles. We strive to give your property the protection it needs while also adding to its curb appeal.

If you would like to get started on the building process, get in touch with our retaining wall contractors today at (520) 237-6762.

Residential Water Features

We’re proud to offer water features from outdoor wall fountains, to backyard waterfalls, to decorative ponds and beyond. No matter what your desires or budget happen to be, call A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC at (520) 237-6762 to speak to one of our incredible professionals about how our features can make all of your landscaping dreams come true.

Outdoor Fire Pits

A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC knows the classic appeal of a fire pit. Do your outdoor goals call for a classic wood burning pit, with the appeal of its classic crackle and smoke? Are you more interested in a natural gas fire pit, with its level of convenience and modern appeal? Read on for a bit more information or call immediately to be advised on the future of your outdoors.

Masonry Services

At A&M Affordable Landscaping LLC, every member of our team is dedicated to the work they do and view it as not only a construction form but an art form as well. We educate ourselves not only on the latest tools and techniques but also the most ancient practices to arm us with extensive knowledge and superior craftsmanship.

Masonry Construction

Masonry is an artistic trade. It’s been around since the ancient Egyptians were constructing the pyramids and it will be around for many years to come. As technology moves along, masonry evolves right along with it.

Water and Fire Elements

Our water features are renowned for their lush appearance and aesthetic value. They restore balance to an outdoor space and create a sense of harmony, peace, and serenity. They’re the perfect option for someone who wants to establish a unique focal point that transforms their property into something enchanting.

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